Noreen L.

Headline: Aging woman deliriously happy to find EXCELLENT craftsman to work on her hundred year old home.

Todd is working on my kitchen as I write this review, installing new cabinets, farmhouse sink & faucet, and putting down a new floor.
He finished work on my bathroom last week and it looks amazing.
He installed an archway between two rooms downstairs.
Once he finishes the kitchen, I’ll be asking for his help with a number of other projects.

The guy is seriously good at his work. Knows the technical stuff and has meticulous attention to detail. Works like a demon all day and the place is spotless when he leaves…..and I do mean every day, regardless of what stage the project is in.
It’s too bad that Yelp drops reviews because he has many more than the two you see here.
Guess you’ll just have to take my word for it….you won’t regret calling Todd to get an estimate. He’s a very talented professional and a pleasure to work with.